Auto Cosmetics Logo our team can repair scruff, scratches and dents on bodywork and bumpers difficult parking's a thing of the past when we fit parking sensors If your windscreen's damaged, we come to you to fix it

Specialist car service that comes to you

Need repairs to your vehicle, but just can't live without your car? Our expert team brings a range of services to your driveway or workplace - we make car repairs convenient!

Improve your vehicle's visibility and appearance. We replace your windscreen fast, and we come right to your driveway.

Our equipment and skilled

team repair any scuffs,

scratches or dents.

We refurbish and repair alloy wheels, making them look as good as new. Take a look at our work.

Regain that new car look - our efficient mobile team treats wheels, polish, windscreens and more,

0116 257 1424


You tell us exactly what you need, when and where you need it done - we're happy to offer convenient car repair services. Our expert team is always available with advice and assistance, so you can keep driving happy.



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